Domotex 2018 in Hannover – Carpets, Trends and Interior

By | 28 Nisan 2019

The Domotex 2018 can hardly be put into words. Since I almost did not go to Domotex 2018, I do not know where to start now. There was a lot to discover at the Domotex in Hanover.

Therefore, I have already registered in advance for a two-hour tour. I already did that in 2016 as one of the invited bloggers. For this reason I knew that a round trip over the area is a great start to the Domotex 2018.

The Domotex 2018 trade fair tour

These tours are organized by . On my tour Thomas Geuder and from Zurich were at the start. Together we visited different areas of the fair during the two hours.

Mat - The Ansari's Domotex 2018 | Ahoipopoi

Afterwards, I looked at two more hours different stands that jumped into my eye, or about which I wanted to learn more.

As in previous years, different trends have emerged again. So I picked up on the main topics, which I found most exciting and which, after sorting several hundred pictures, I get to the point:

Carpets as art at the Domotex 2018

Here I do not tell any news: Carpets can easily go through as their own works of art. But showing them that way is a new trend.

Personally, I find especially some worn carpets very fascinating and would like to hang one on the wall. – By the way, certainly a great Schallschlucker!

On the left is a rug by Nasser Nishaburi. The designer behind it is Luis Eslava from Barcelona, ​​who has implemented the theme Silence here. His design is inspired by the deletions in a manuscript.

The Austrian company Tisca shows us in the middle of a whole residential landscape matching their natural woolen carpets.

And Rug Star by Jürgen Dahlmann has brought a cooperation partner for the design on board for the Eden Jellyfish.


Tisca has had its booth designed at Domotex 2018 by Lotta Agaton. I especially noticed the harmonious coloring and the focus on the material structure. In particular, the combination with the Nordic furniture make the stand very comfortable and homely.

At the tour of the exhibition, we also had a short visit here, but I returned again afterwards. All carpets are made by hand from pure sheep’s wool.

Thanks to the plain weave, the carpets are equally beautiful on both sides and can be used for a very long time. Just because they can be turned.

Domotex 2018 Carpet Trend: Gray to Blue

Gray is not indispensable in the interior. Gray has ranked number one for

Trend: Gray

After many years in which blue, especially pure royal blue, could barely be seen in the Interior area, it is celebrating a great revival in 2018!

At the top left is the design of a creative mind at Kirkit Rugs. In the middle is a mood board with the most popular gray tones at Wineo. And on the far right I found a great carpet quality at Akara. It looks like knitted. Cool, right?

Kirkit Rugs

Kirkit Rugs works with designers for his modern interpretation of carpets. These collaborations with designers such as always offer new influences. In particular, those who do not originally come from the carpet industry have great ideas on how to create something completely new from the traditional work.

And if it belongs to a specially bleached bleach, which gives the carpet a new, modern face, then please! Only too! Of course, this also includes a company that wants to act on the pulse of the times and makes itself sustainable.

In particular, individual carpets with their own history and / or a sophisticated idea in the background have very good prospects for customers. Storytelling has now arrived on the carpet market.

Trend: blue

Here is one of my favorite booths the Domotex 2018. Mat has just dangle a lot of samples from the ceiling. I could hardly tear myself away from all those beautiful blue shades.

A close-up I brought with me from the Jaipur Rugs booth. And the reversible rug is from Nasser Nishaburi. Also a design by Luis Eslava. He has implemented the theme of the “Silence” collection with Braille Alphabet bonds.

Domotex 2018 in the name of sustainability

Recycling, upcycling, and cradle-to-cradle are all topics that have come to life for anyone who has been through life with open eyes and ears.

In order to use fibers as sustainably as possible, old carpets are often dissolved and useful ingredients re-processed into new carpets. In particular, robust materials such as hemp are suitable. I was already aware of that. But there are other methods that I had no idea about. And this shows how smart minds worry about not always having to throw everything away.

Or that you can make something nice, something new and even something practical like a carpet from a supposed waste product. But one after anonther.

At the top left we start with a design by Florence Bourel for Kirkit Rugs, sewing together different strips of rugs. And instead of hiding the interfaces, she deliberately shows them. The seams do not disappear on the “left side” of the carpet, but are even accentuated by a different colored yarn.

In the middle is a carpet that has come in contact with plenty of decolorizers. Also by Kirkit Rugs, this design shows that a classic carpet with a traditional pattern can create a brand new, modern, unique piece. The design reminds me of a starry sky. Excellent!

On the far right I have made a close-up of a rug by Nomad. These are great carpets made from old candy wrappers. Read more about this:


Jutta Werner from Hamburg got a great template for her stylish carpet designs with an idea from the Himalayas. There she saw that carriers bundled their cargo with silver-colored ropes. Upon request, it turned out that these silver strings were made from candy wrappers.

Nomad carpet made of candy wrapper - Domotex 2018

The twirled papers now serve as a warp to their carpets, making the carpets shine. In addition, they make the rugs very robust and through the translucent paper colors to lovers pieces.


I did not only notice Akara because of his great natural rugs. But on their stand at the Domotex 2018, they give out pretty bags made of carpet patterns as give-away. Great idea!

Luis Eslava on his collection “Silence” for Nasser Nishaburi

Luis Eslava - Nasser Nishaburi @ Domotex 2018 | Ahoipopoi

After walking for more than three hours through very crowded exhibition halls, the stand of Nasser Nishaburi attracted me magically. He simply radiated a tremendous calm and relaxation. Maybe it was the design of the carpets? For this purpose, the Barcelona-based hired. On the topic “Silence” he designed different designs.

“In the carpet behind me, I wanted to implement a version of” Silence “: the absence of words.” The briefing for Luis was simple: Combine traditional technology with modern design. That does not mean that the implementation would have been just as simple. In particular, the challenge was to combine different techniques such as hand-knotting, semi-automatic weaving or machine-making with a theme.

The result is a collection that is completely dedicated to the topic of rest. Silence Azerbaijan is the heart of the Nasser Nishaburi project.

Silence Zilu, on the other hand, wants to portray the old weaving by hand as a human legacy. For this purpose, Luis Eslava has used the Braille alphabet. “The most important thing was to find a pattern that looks good on a small section, even in infinite repetition.” As a basis for this he has made a small area of ​​seven times seven knotting units. “Because the Seven is holy in Iran.”

Silence - Luis Eslava for Nasser Nishaburi @ Domotex 2018 | Ahoipopoi

The loan in Braille again points to the calm, the unspoken word.

Third in the league is the Silence Digital collection. Here, Luis Eslava was challenged to get everything out of the machines, to make a carpet “with a handmade feel.” Here, the visual focus is put into focus. Light slowly turning to darkness. And last but not least: “After all, we need the peace to think digitally.”

Digital Silence by Luis Eslava for Nasser Nishaburi - Domotex 2018

Noise canceling in carpet format, so to speak. And our world may become so digital. Is there ever a better feeling than painting a great carpet? I almost dare answer: no. So on until the ! See you in 2019.

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