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By | 24 Nisan 2019

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Sunday night and it’s time for some blogging for the next week. Themes and people of whom one has not heard anything but still wants to read a lot, as well as an animal couple, a great

Johanna and Martin

First it’s the home of Johanna and Martin. Johanna is crazy about colors and pretty much runs on the combination and the variations that are to be discovered in the . She works for the Swedish furniture and furniture company Input Interiör. She also co-founded the (still) local organization “Jane Jönköping”, which focuses on the women who work in the creative business.

Osiris and reef

If I think of a cozy home, then house rats have nothing to do with it. However, when I read about Osiris and Reef, which are a rather unequal pair, this changed. And when I saw the photos of the good natured therapy dog ​​and the clever rat, my heart melted away immediately. And so today I make an exception and show not only apartments, furniture and other , but here once the uploads .

Mrs. Vienna

Come with me to passion for

Have fun and have a nice Sunday!

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