Interior Blog Inspiration: Furniture to borrow, a Swedish blogger network and posters from Denmark

By | 27 Nisan 2019

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Sunday is the Gammeltag par excellence. Feet up and good. When the number of naps and ice cream on the

The question quickly comes up: what to do? In order to avoid boredom, I have collected a few inspirational and reading tips for you. Have fun with it!

At some point in life comes the moment when the chairs run out. It may be the moment when you decide that a grand party is a meal with good friends on a long table and not a stand-up party in your own two-room apartment with an improvised buffet in the kitchen.

Sure, such parties also have their charm. However, you as well as the friends no longer have a need to be in the stomach until two o’clock in the morning. A cozy garden is found quickly in which to celebrate.

But where do we get 20 matching chairs or two long boards? So that it does not become a stand-up party or at the last minute you buy the cheapest, ugly plastic chairs that you can find and probably will not use again so quickly, there are Möbelleihservices.

Of course, everyone knows, it makes sense – borrow instead of buy. If you are looking for, you will quickly find black upholstered chairs with mint-colored, round seating surfaces that exude a desolate 80’s charm.

That’s why I was so fond of Arcade lending furniture that is simple and easy to serve and look good. Grandpa would probably say: Joa, good cellar quality, the stuff.

But there’s a catch – Arcade sitting in New Zealand. The likelihood to rent here is negligible, but the hope dies last and until there are similar companies in my area, I diligently distribute seat cushions and possibly take the cordless screwdriver in my hand. Grandpa would be proud of me.


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Sunday’s blog inspiration

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