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The Brother Fritz is an old building in a Berlin Gründerzeit house with a very special aura. Located in one of the most beautiful streets in West Berlin, the French-style staircase leads to the light-filled Beletage.


On an area of ​​330 square meters with a ceiling height of four meters, the

The special charm is probably in the combination of loft look with original tiles from the turn of the century, Art Nouveau window alignments and intricately produced inlaid floors.


The first thing that comes to mind when entering the rooms is: Wow!
The second thought: I do not want to leave here.


The good news is that Gebrüder Fritz can be hired for events, meetings and photo shootings. The bad news: No one is drafted here (at most in thought). Sniff.


The stylishly furnished floor on the Kurfürstendamm is designed with its seven rooms very changeable. Depending on the occasion of the respective host, it can always be redesigned.


Responsible for this are foundress Kathrin Limburg with her enthusiasm for precise and fluent realization of events and location manager Verena Nobis-Wicherding, who from the first customer contact with an eye for the essentials and attention to detail ensures the highly professional realization of every customer request.


Fortunately, I had the opportunity to ask the sympathetic power team a few questions that they would like to answer.

How did you and your business partner get to know each other?

Verena and I got to know each other in 2002 during our training as an event manager. After that, we went different ways initially. In 2014, Verena joined my event agency.


Now we benefit from the experience we have gained over the past 12 years in various positions and companies and have become indispensable sparring partners.


What do customers say when they first enter the apartment? What are the reactions?

Many customers say that they like to move in and think about where they would put something. That’s the nicest compliment for our work.

Event Location Gebrueder Fritz in Berlin-Charlottenburg

Who books with Fritz brothers? I’ve read from fashion students but also from companies. Who is the focus of the target group?

The Fritz Brother is a place that inspires and inspires many exciting ideas. It is designed for anyone who is up to something. We look very closely at each request and, together with our customers, develop concepts and ideas to create a perfect overall picture.


Our clients come from agencies, business, film and politics and are looking for a place to be creative and inspiring, be it at a workshop, a dinner or an event.

gebrueder-fritz-berlin-old building apartment-event-location-20

What do you value each other?

Reply Kathrin: Working with good friends is a gift. You spend a lot of time in the

Verena is very precise, has an angelic patience with our customers and takes the necessary time even when it’s stressful.

gebrueder-fritz-berlin-Altbauwohnung-event-location-18 gebrueder-fritz-berlin-Altbauwohnung-event-location-22

The more stressful it gets, the quieter Verena gets, I really appreciate her. She is very humorous and tries to see the positive in everything.

If there is something unpleasant, she tells me this in an incredible Viennese dialect, which she has acquired among many other dialects, and everything is only half as dramatic.

gebrueder-fritz-berlin-old building apartment-event-location-5

Reply Verena: I appreciate Kathrin’s authentic and humorous way of doing this extensive job. She plans to the very last detail with great attention to detail the different concepts, which she then implements with a lot of know-how and passion.

I once gave her a picture saying, “Do not need google my wife knows everything”, because it describes exactly what both customers and friends appreciate about her.

Her flair for trends surprises me again and again and so she is also a great inspiration for me.

gebrueder-fritz-berlin-old building apartment-event-location-25

The fact that we combine private and professional matters is a great advantage.

We have known each other for 13 years now and so we know how to support each other in every situation. And how does the Viennese say: “Ois, be so happy.”


What were the most extraordinary customer requests?

One of our customers wanted to stage a party as an installation for the presentation of his new technical product.

Our task was, among other things, to organize 60 young extras who dance in the dark day to electronic music and incredible fog completely unimpressed.


The guests, who came to us after a fair at the location, were very irritated.

In shirts and ties, they had to pass a clown blowing balloons of pantomime, and then through the dancing crowd to the kitchen for drinks and brioche burgers.



I am delighted that Berlin has won such a likeable location for special events with the Fritz brothers and I thank Kathrin Limburg and Verena Nobis-Wicherding for their time.


If you would like to to find.

gebrueder-fritz-berlin-old building apartment-event-location-24

Bleibtreustrasse 38/39
10623 Berlin-Charlottenburg
+ 49 176 812 910 25

All photos: Copyright Gebrüder Fritz

Background: It is named after the brothers Fritz the way its builders, the three master carpenter brothers Carl, Heinrich and Christian Fritz. They built the house on the Kurfürstendamm in 1899 and eventually sold it to members of the rich bourgeoisie.

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