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By | 10 Mart 2019

buero-set-roof sloping

The furniture starts clockwise in the upper left corner.




An office under the roof slope has many advantages: Up here there is no “through traffic” and you have here most of your rest, which is important to work. The light is usually optimally aligned (from above) and you have plenty of storage space on the low walls. You just have to know how to use it.

Use the space!

Many people at first glance only see the problems that arise when they want to set up their office under a pitched roof. You can not set up tall shelves or cupboards, and it can get pretty hot in the summer.

Therefore, I recommend you to make a virtue out of necessity and to use the walls as optimally as they are available: Horizontal you can here a number of folders and materials accommodate.

The right office furniture for the pitched roof

Low ceilings and cabinets, such as shelving systems from

In addition to matching baskets and drawers, you can also mount the individual compartments with drawers and fixed compartments, so that the open shelf quickly becomes a whole cabinet. Here things can disappear that you do not need daily or that are not necessarily presentable.

If you would like to use the space on the gable for shelves, you can use the whole wall with the right choice of Kallax cabinets: Place a narrow shelf upright at the highest point and fit further elements to the left and right sides of the existing space Stages. It is best to measure everything in peace first and to think about the optimal solution.

The view into the green increases the concentration

Roof windows provide a good view into the distance, which can be very inspiring and brings you good thoughts. Imagine being able to walk along a river through a park or a forest every lunch break. Would that inspire your thoughts? I guess so! Studies have also shown that looking into the green on meadows and trees has a positive effect on the individual’s work performance.

In the blog between attentiveness and green environment.

Psychologist Nancy Wells published a study in 2000 in which she and a team studied the ability of 7 to 12-year-olds to look after themselves.

There were two areas that were examined before and after they had moved with their families. One of the main reasons for the study was the view the children had from their (new) rooms.

The result: those who look out of the window into the green could not only focus better, but also take clearer ideas. – Children with a view of the countryside performed better in the tests.

Light in the room

In order up here for you here. Try to place your desk under the window if possible.

So you can do without an extra lamp during the day. For the morning hours in winter and in bad weather, of course, should still be a desk lamp, which gives you enough light.

Optimal natural lighting is guaranteed in an office under the pitch of the roof (in the sunshine) and you can attach a small wooden strip on the roof window, which can serve as a storage for your daily schedule.

The office under the roof – thinking ecologically saves money

In the summer it can get very hot, a loft extension can heat up unnecessarily. To prevent this and also from an ecological point of view, it is important to prevent this. Pay attention to the roof windows that you choose windows that either have a built-in sun filter or choose a sunscreen, which also functions as heat protection.

Apart from the windows, a good insulation of the roof truss is essential. Not only do you not have to sweat at the desk in summer, but you also save money if you can do without an air conditioner in the summer and do not need to overuse the heating in winter.

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