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By | 24 Ocak 2019

Gathering information, writing down ideas and setting goals – each of us faces these tasks on a daily basis. Whether private or professional, there is nothing like being well organized.

Do not be fooled by these clean photos – I’ve had creative chaos on my

Already in the fifth grade I had an appointment with the director and then I was given a brochure – “Distraction-free learning”.


Notebook and Pen Loop: RSVP Berlin / Letter Opener: Gemini (Vintage) / Correction Fluid: Pentel / Red Pencil: Faber Castell

Even then, I noticed one thing above all: you just have to know where everything is. How then everything is sorted and stacked is secondary. The main thing is: you know your system.

There is no right or wrong. For me, only some things work better than others and I have a few preferences.

So I almost always prefer transparent containers or pen cases, so I can see immediately where something is – at first glance. I also like to mark something important in eye-catching colors and I have a heart for vintage pieces.


Masking Tape: RSVP Berlin / Siftebecher: Muji / Klemm: from Barcelona, ​​I can not come to the shop / business card collector: Helit

Like the Retor cube, which I already grew to love at the tender age of eight and determined for many years whether I did the home-washing alone or together with my sister – sometimes a dice came out as well , 😉


Pencil Case: Modulor / Cube: Vintage / Inkpad Coloris: Coloris / Block: Muji / Fähnchenpieker: private

In addition, I love to write on plain paper and grab as often as possible eco-paper. It has its own charm and is just as functional as bleached paper.



A stationery can often take me on trips and city trips for hours. What are your favorites?

I am always looking for good writing materials and small shops that have a good assortment. This is an infinite search and I always find great shops.


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