Office // Cork: Pinboard revival with a trend material

By | 25 Şubat 2019

cork bulletin board

Even Omi has always said: Trends come and go – in fashion as in living. And then one more thing was added: child, that always comes back. When I thought about it for the first time at a young age, I did not know if I should find it good or bad now.

Revial ​​in the living area

Today, however, I am happy when I see old familiarity. So you can find cork again and again in the various companies in the program – and not only as a heat-resistant coasters. The material is often used as a wood alternative because of its natural color.

With the non-slip surface and the warming properties, cork is not only an optical bringer but also ideally suited for the purchase of seating furniture.

I think cork is best, but as a classic element in the can bring real joy!

Once cork bulletin board, please!

A study of dreams, who has not? Of course, it is completely different from the previous study and offers many great possibilities. A cork wall included.

And since it makes little sense to waste such a great material in a room that does not correspond to my dreams anyway, one could spend the time until the big day with a small alternative and change the : with a for example.

Here is a mix of current projects and schedules, as well as small letters from the loved one all its place. Order on the table and everything important in view – thanks to cork. Who could resist that? In addition, a pin board has the advantage that it is mounted quickly with a few simple steps.

Dressing a complete wall with cork is not only much more expensive, but also more time consuming.


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