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By | 19 Şubat 2019

Actually, here should come a little foreword on “Good intentions” for the New Year. But I think we’ll give it to us right away. Because if you want to do something, you do it – no matter if the year is coming or not. In my experience, this is also the best way to success: make it easy.

Nevertheless, I find that all the people who work day in and day out in the also have a bit more fun here. In addition to nice colleagues who help you great (!) It is also twice as nice, if you have great office helpers who are happy when you look at them.

For me, for example, this is a small miniature carpet, on which flies my mouse. However, there is still so much more that I want to introduce you here.

Dogs are loyal companions, so why should not a badger watch over our inbox? Just. As a small Gymmick you can also stow his pen right in the back. I would adopt such a small good dog immediately!


Retrophone from

I’m attracted by old phones. Even if you can already get handsets for the iPhone now, I find that to such a phone either a) according to prominent place on an important desk heard or b) a separate table next to a comfortable armchair on which one can then telephone for hours.

retro phone

Portuguese notebook from

At Christmas I got the book “Night of the Oracle” from Paul Auster from a good friend. The title has little to do with the content – primarily a blue notebook from Portugal. I just thought it was terrific and since I write a lot as a copywriter anyway, I can only say from personal experience that it certainly has an influence on the written, where you write down his words.


Clipboard from Ferm Living about

I can only confirm that a clipboard is a wonderful and not at all stuffy purchase for life. Of course, even though you can do “everything with the tablet”, getting a list on the clipboard gives me more joy than doing it digitally. A clipboard is stable, you have something in your hand and not only buys the feeling of having a grip on your projects, but makes a purchase for your life.


Box of Stamps & Scissors by Wendnesday Paperworks

One of the good intentions is in some places: Finally, order on the desk! If it does not work out again, just open the lid, put it on, put on the lid, and you’re done! Sounds pretty sexy, right? After all, better than: Corner-stitched slip-lid box with fingertip handles and hot foil stamping. Have fun!


So you dear office people here you have a fine selection of helpers for everyday life between filing, call and appointment planner just reward yourself! The items cost between 6,40 € and 39,95 £.

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