Office set up: In the office of Ahoipopoi

By | 29 Kasım 2018

“Which animal would you like to have, if you could choose one?” – “A butterfly!” After this announcement from my youngest niece, it was clear that we were playing “butterfly, butterfly, fly!” During the walks between Christmas and New Year – including throwing legs in the air and worn out arms in our adults.

As a compensation, there was a nice gift for it: namely, a homemade butterfly image that was immediately allowed to move into the gallery in the


Next to it is a photo from the A small reminder not always to take everything so seriously.

The picture is not just a map of London but also a wrapping paper. From Modulor, Berlin.

Otherwise, our That’s why our leaders come into action to reach the top shelves as well. It’s almost like setting up the office. So brand new, I mean.


And this has system – there is numbered and sorted, stamped and tied, so you can find everything again.


Although the year is still young, people are busy working here again and besides the first orders of the year, own projects and new and old customers, I also take care of one or the other invitation – like a very special one for me: this year’s Domotex to Hannover.

Next week I will with a few other bloggers things and everything worth knowing


In the photo you can already see that I’m pretty much on rugs – or should I rather say that I fly on it? 😉


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