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By | 29 Kasım 2018

“Can I see your room?” – what began as a clumsy flirtation attempt is still in the focus of curiosity (even if one is now grown up): How do DIE work? How do they live?

For those who set up their own offices, this place is almost more important than the home because you spend more time here – or you have a home office and living and working together anyway.

And while many of you, like me, are more likely to work in an office community or a small to normal size

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That’s how I not Today, however, it is the turn of the design company Vitra. Here you can see what materials the rooms are made of: polished concrete, lots of wood and even more light.

About Vitra

Headquartered in Switzerland, Vitra, with the knowledge of engineers combined with the creativity of designers, creates durable and functional furniture that uses the power of design to sustainably enhance the quality of offices, homes and public facilities.

Vitra has already created many design classics through the inseparable combination of aesthetics and design as well as durable materials. In addition to furniture Vitra also creates complete furnishing concepts and accessories.

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Of course, anyone who can come up with 8 meter high ceilings does not have much to lose – in terms of space technology.

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But: even these large spaces can be a challenge. I especially like the different areas that give inspiration and separate the space into individual areas.

Delicate curtains give the room a structure and create visual peace, so that the view does not fall unhindered on open shelves.

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Plants and furniture (of course by Vitra) are designed to meet the needs of the employees and not only offer relaxed corners, but also places for highly concentrated work, such as through the overhead-high room dividers.

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For various work areas, individual areas of the mega-office are functionally redesigned, and then the large windows become a natural lightbox.

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Overall, I like the Vitra office very well and I hope I could bring you some good ideas. Here I summarized my top 5 points for setting up an optimal office:

The top highlights from the Vitra office (also suitable for home use)

  1. A lot of light! Large windows are a gift, and if you do not have as many or large natural light sources in your office, you can help with large mirrors opposite the windows.
  2. Bright colors! White is important and gives an office the necessary peace of mind, but colors such as green or orange make both small and large rooms seem alive.
  3. Plants – were spoiled for a long time and have been experiencing an unstoppable comeback for about five years. Not only visually they are a bringer, but also improve the
  4. Workstations – they are available in every agency: the cutting room, the copy room – or even in a small office, it makes sense to set up your own space for special activities where everything is ready.
  5. Colleagues! Are you a freelancer and working alone from home? Treat yourself once a week to co-working in your city or meet other freelancers for work. Nothing makes you more productive than the peace around you from other hardworking web workers.

Do you want to redesign your office? Then read my


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