Salone del Mobile: Furniture Fair in Milan focuses on sustainability and design

By | 1 Mayıs 2019

Salone del Mobile

Photo: Andrea Mariani

At the for .

Photo: Alessandro Russotti

There was also a contest entitled “Life on Earth”, which was attended by 700 designers, 18 international schools and four different institutions.

Photo: Andrea Mariani

This special action was accompanied by some podium discussions.

Workplace 3.0

Free man / Photo: Carola Merello

Another focus of the fair was the workplace 3.0.

The tour / Photo: Carola Merello

Michele De Lucchi showed in Hall Workplace 3.0 an installation called “The Tour”.

Lab / Photo: Carola Merello

The project is based on the assumption that the the future is free of conventions and is a creative place where something new is created.

The Club / Photo: Carola Merello

The tour itself is a metaphor to show how important it is to move on and never stand still – even in the office.

Lab / Photo: Carola Merello

There are four areas in which the theme exhibition is divided: Club, Free People,

Here you could find

Lab / Photo: Carola Merello

In this way with trying out, moving through the room and actually working in the press rooms, visitors could experience the effect of the work space.

The me

Euroluce – light exhibition

Photo: Alessandro Russotti

At the Euroluce, everything is not just about light, but also about saving energy and sustainability.

Euroluce / Photo: Carola Merello

On the occasion of the “International Year of Light and Light Technology”, proclaimed by UNESCO for 2015, the exhibition organizers were obliged to surprise visitors to the exhibition Euroluce with an impressive experience.

Euroluce / Photo: Carola Merello

True to the title of the installation “Sparks. Every light one voice “, the visitors in Milan were drawn directly into the effect of light. So the visitors went through a big black box in which the light got its own voice – to each sound, a light shone in the box.

All .

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