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Obsession: Design lamp copper

In the past 12 months you could not open an interior magazine without reading about made of copper. Almost every design blog had left out about the topic and it was the trend of the year. Copper: Whether worked with solid lampshade or made of delicate wire. – One trend among many, I thought. Not… Read More »

Design furniture by Hay from Denmark

All products: Yesterday I met a friend in the street, we have not seen each other for a long time and she said to me: “Well, you’ll be fine, right?” I answered, I’m diligent and I’m doing nice things. – What everyone should do anyway. Now I find it very tempting to surround myself with… Read More »

Design, lead and love a notebook

Yes, when it comes to my notebook , I am already out of style. Many even laugh at me because of my analogue calendar, but they smile at me. This one is – as with all great thinkers of Moleskine – but, my notebook this is not the narrow black ribbon. But it shines with… Read More »