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Interview // May we introduce: Gebrüder Fritz – a dream apartment for events in Berlin

The Brother Fritz is an old building in a Berlin Gründerzeit house with a very special aura. Located in one of the most beautiful streets in West Berlin, the French-style staircase leads to the light-filled Beletage. On an area of ​​330 square meters with a ceiling height of four meters, the The special charm is… Read More »

Interview with "Falz und Vorsatz": Fragment pictures, illustrations and sketchbooks fresh from the Viennese Feschmarkt

Maria Hack is a graphic designer who debuted in June 2015 at the Viennese Feschmarkt with her label “Falz und Vorsatz”. She designs hand-bound sketchbooks in A5 and A4, various calendars, illustrations in postcard format and fragments of wood and paper, which she calls “woodshape”. I was fortunate enough to ask Maria a few questions… Read More »