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Office: Visiting the Vitra office

“Can I see your room?” – what began as a clumsy flirtation attempt is still in the focus of curiosity (even if one is now grown up): How do DIE work? How do they live? For those who set up their own offices, this place is almost more important than the home because you spend… Read More »

Office set up: In the office of Ahoipopoi

“Which animal would you like to have, if you could choose one?” – “A butterfly!” After this announcement from my youngest niece, it was clear that we were playing “butterfly, butterfly, fly!” During the walks between Christmas and New Year – including throwing legs in the air and worn out arms in our adults. As… Read More »

Sonntags Linkliste: Farmhouse in South Africa, wallpaper ideas and an office

Over the past few months, I’ve let the Sunday’s presentation of interesting interior blogs rest for a while, looking for new sources of inspiration. Here I have again three great blogs with beautiful articles around the furnishing and living. And who knows, maybe you find these blogs so great that you want to subscribe to… Read More »